The 3Dog Thursday show will be aired every Thursday 12pm EST. It’s a survivor contest, hosted by TJ Rives, host of the Weekly NFL show (live Thursdays at 1pm Est). The aim of the show is we will have 2 rotating guests each week. Who have to pick 3 underdogs cross NFL & College Football. If the guests pick two or more right they will survive/continue to the next week. The guests who pick 1 or less right will be eliminated from the show.


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3 Dog Thursday Picks for This Week’s Games

Think of football, both NFL and college football. Ok, now think of underdogs. Good, good, now, what comes to mind? Yes, we know, the “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy” chant from what’s undeniably the most famous football underdog movie of all time, but focus here. When wanting to bet on NFL and college football action, the most followed strategies usually ponder around the idea of taking the favorite team in each matchup. But does it always have to be that way? What about the underdogs in each matchup?

With BetUS’ new 3 Dog Thursday show, airing every Thursday morning, wagering fans from all over will get a shot to dive into the world of NFL and college football betting from a completely different, fresh, and fun perspective. The premise of the show will have our host TJ Rives, who you might recall from the weekly BetUS NFL Show, airing every Thursday at 1 pm EST, hosting two different weekly guests that will fight it out in a survival-mode competition where each will have the chance to pick their preferred three underdog betting picks for each week’s NFL and college football matchups.

Considering that wagering on football action is already a challenge within itself, choosing to go the route of betting on underdog NFL picks takes that feat to a whole new level. Even for expert NFL and college football odds pundits, going with underdogs can become quite a hassle, especially with how lopsided matchups can be at times. So instead of stressing about the idea of wanting to risk it or not, why not let our team of experts in BetUS 3 Dog Thursday show lend a hand and guide you through the ins and outs of betting on the best underdog NFL and college football picks week in and week out?

Again, we get it. Betting on underdog picks can be daunting, with the chances of losing smacking you in the face from the start, but when you win, the bounty at the end of it all makes it all worthwhile. So instead of always going for the safe route, why not let loose a bit and mix it up with your favorite NFL and college football wagering endeavor?

So, without further ado, go with the underdogs, risk a bit to win a lot, you can thank us later!

Host & Guests

T.J. Rives

A 30-year veteran of sports media in Tampa Bay, and nationally for outlets like SiriusXM, Fox Sports Radio, and Tunein, T.J. Rives has seen and covered a bunch of sports. However, arguably his first love is hoops and specifically, college basketball. A graduate of the former Memphis State in Tennessee, T.J. goes all the way back to being with current Tigers coach Penny Hardaway as a player in the early 90s!

T.J. is also the former radio voice of the University of South Florida Bulls men’s basketball team in Tampa which was in the Big East and now the American Conference for 10 seasons. He has also attended/worked 19 Final Fours in his career with his top cities for the championships being: Indianapolis, New Orleans, and San Antonio.