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  • PSV vs Sevilla FC: Predictions & Picks 2/23/2023

PSV vs Sevilla FC: Predictions & Picks 2/23/2023

Game Preview



Game Preview


When PSV and Sevilla square off in the Europa League match on Thursday in Eindhoven, PSV will try to overturn a three-goal deficit. Even if the troops of Ruud van Nistelrooy have a difficult assignment ahead of them on the return leg, they will give it their all.


Experienced center-forward Luuk de Jong, who scored in Sunday’s 2-2 tie with Utrecht, is a player to keep an eye on for the home club. El-Ghazi, Fofana, Hazard, and Savio all expected to miss games due to injuries.


Prior to playing in their Europa League comeback, PSV is currently in a highly difficult situation. The Eindhoven-based team wasn’t completely outplayed last week, but they nonetheless returned from Andalucia with a significant 3-0 loss. PSV, who is presently fourth in the Eredivisie, is doing well in their league in the title race.


Let’s check the latest picks, Europa League news, stats and Europa League expert picks for PSV vs Sevilla. We’ve plenty of Europa League predictions for you to consider.


On Thursday, they must accomplish a great feat at his stadium to turn around a disastrous scenario. Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s team battled Arsenal well during the group stage, but ultimately had to settle for second place with 13 points in 6 games.


Contrarily, Los Sevillanos are definitely going to take a defensive stance in the second leg, which is probably the main reason why we might not get to see a relatively high-paced game. All of Corona, Marcao, Papu Gomez, and Rekik have recently been dealing with ailments, while Jordan and Gudelj have also returned from domestic bans.


Moreover, Pape Gueye, an Olympique de Marseille loanee midfielder, is ineligible for this Europa League. En Nesyri, a Moroccan striker, scored the first goal against PSV in the first match, proving his recent comeback. Ocampos, a winter rookie who entered the game, had a significant impact with 1 goal and 1 assist. Bryan Gil (Tottenham), a different former resident, rejoined the team in January.


PSV vs Sevilla FC Game Information


  • Date: 02/23/2023
  • Time: 12:45 PM ET
  • Location: Philips Stadion (Eindhoven).
  • How to Watch PSV vs Sevilla: Peacock
  • Live Stream:


PSV vs Sevilla Betting Lines


PSV is +110 according to our Vegas Premier League Lines. This means that if you wager $100 you have the chance to win $110.On the other side, Sevilla is +230 according to the Vegas Premier League Lines. This means that if you wager $100 you have the chance to win $230.

The implied probability for these two teams attached to the betting lines has PSV at a 47.62% chance of winning the game, meanwhile Sevilla has 30.30% probability of finishing the game with the W.


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