Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl Prop Bets

February 10, 2022

The Super Bowl wagering menu is akin to a smorgasboard or a buffet. There are abundant choices. Don’t take every one because they are in front of you. Why would you pick something you didn’t like when there are so many options you find delectable.

BetUS TV’s Gary Segars explains how Super Bowl props are similar. There are dozens of them but each is not equal. Tempting, yes. A wise play, no? Here are 8 props that will satiate your appetite while using your noggin.

The first score of the game is a great way to kick off this lesson. It can come in the form of a touchdown, field goal or safety. You simply have to choose of the three options to play. Each comes with different odds and the safety has the longest odds of all since it being the first score has happened three times.

The coin toss is a 50/50 proposition. So you can get involved in the game before the clock starts.

The singer of the national anthem provides another option. There has been a wide range of times from Jewel in 87 seconds. Alicia Keys went almost a full minute longer at two minutes and 25 seconds. The average time is 1 minute and 55 seconds.

There are always people looking to get an edge by trying to see what goes in rehearsals. That’s not an easy piece of information to get. Mickey Guyton clocked in at 1:51 for her version before Super Bowl 56. This has become a hugely popular prop to show you how every slice of the Super Bowl reaches a different level.

Heading to the end of the game. The winning coach will wind up doused with Gatorade. It’s been a tradition since the New York Giants threw the energy drink on then-coach Bill Parcells. It now has become a colorful prop because you have to guess the shower of Gatorade color the coach will feel. Orange was the leader with five prior to Super Bowl 56.

The Super Bowl MVP offers another “proption.” The QBs have been 11 in the last 16 Super Bowls Cooper Kupp of the Rams became the third WR MVP in that recent span. The other two were linebackers. The QB is a dominant player in this category but …

Other ways to get involved are what players will score the first touchdown and whether a player will score a TD at any point in the game. Simply research what player or players lead a team in six-pointers during the season. That can provide a strong barometer.

And, finally, what player will lead in yards gained. Will it be a wide receiver, tight end or running back?

There are many more props but these are the ones that are on top of the market most years. It gives the player a chance to do some research and use insight in making a savvy investment.

The Super Bowl is a once-a-year contest. You have two weeks to prepare for the game and use that time wisely when it comes to diving into the deep end of the prop pool. Remember, choose those that you are comfortable with and don’t get in over your head. Play props that work for you and not those that are tantalizing simply because thy are offered.