How to Bet Using Crypto

How to Bet Using Crypto

March 9, 2022

There are many ways to wager and one of the hottest trends currently going is betting through Crypto.

Gary Segars takes you through the Crypto craze with expert Theo Goodman.

Crypto, of course, is a currency that is digital cash, said Goodman. Cryptocurrency eliminates the third party.

With Crypto, no entity can stop transfers for wagers. That eliminates the hassle of a bank or Paypal, which could question the transfers.

Cryptocurrency is 24/7, 365 so one does not have to concern themselves with whether a bank is open on a given day. Crypto is also cheaper when it comes to fees. The money goes directly to you in a Crypto wallet.

BetUS converts the Crypto money in U.S. dollars when you deposit the money into your account. You are only using “Bitcoin” as a way to get funds into BetUS. When you withdraw, you will have your money converted into BitCoin.

If you are using Crypto to bet then Goodman smartly says, “You are betting while you are betting.”

You are playing the game or event you are betting but you are also weighing what the actual rate will be on any given day of the Cryptocurrency.

The way to deposit Crypto into a sportsbook is best used by going the self-custody route, says Goodman. He says it is key to research and learn before you do anything. You can send from an exchange to BetUs. However, if you have your own wallet you are in total control.

You can go to BetUS and will hit deposit Crypto. For a first time, Goodman suggests doing a small amount to get the feel for the deal so “it is not a life-changing event if you mess up.”

Goodman also says do not do it minutes before the game starts. You need to give yourself a few hours because it takes time to get the transfer confirmed.

The primer on Crypto betting is much-see YouTube TV on BetUS TV so you are knowledgeable when it comes to playing with this exciting means to play games or events at BetUS.