How to Bet on The Super Bowl

How to Bet on The Super Bowl

February 9, 2022


It is the biggest event in the sports world, or at least in the United States. The Super Bowl annually draws the most eyes on television and the most dollars wagered on a single-day event.


What are the tips to making the Super Bowl a winning contest for you? BetUS Sports’ Gary Segars has seven tips for betting on the big game.


One out of every three people bet on the game and the moneyline offers the simplest option. The team with the minus sign is the favorite and the team with the plus sign is the underdog. If you play the moneyline, all your team has to do is win the game for you to collect.


An example would be if the favorite is -200, you would have to bet $200 to win $100. The underdog would be +170, which says if you bet $100 and the upset happens, you would win $170.


In the last 11 Super Bowls, the favorite has won four times while the underdogs have won seven. The Rams were the favorite in Super Bowl 56,


The spread offers different odds. One team is favored by a certain amount of points. The Rams were favored by four points in Super Bowl 56. They won by three and that means if you took the Cincinnati Bengals and four points, you won because they lost by a field goal.


Had the difference been four points, it would have been a push, which means bets are canceled and you get your money back.


The totals are another tempting challenge. Say the total is set at 48.5. If the total score goes over that amount of points, the over would win. If it goes below it, the under wins.


You can also take your chances on betting on each half. The point spread usually is different from the overall total to open the game. This gives you the opportunity to play the first or second 30 minutes. Two chances to win.


The prop bet menu is fascinating. There are many of them and they do not involve the final score. They can be as varied as how long the national anthem will go, who will win the coin toss or who will score the first points? There are an incredible variety of options and this offers the bettor the chance to select the one – or ones – they love.


The props can involve teams or individual players. There are a buffet of options.


Super Sunday is the biggest stage of sports in the United States all year. And BetUS offers you options galore to satiate your wagering appetite on the game of the year.