Tips for Picking the Perfect NCAA Tournament Bracket

Tips for Picking the Perfect NCAA Tournament Bracket

March 11, 2022

BetUS’ Gary Segars takes you through how to attempt the impossible: Picking the perfect NCAA Tournament bracket.


Here are some hints on how to go 63-for-63, which no one has done.


The longest run in bracket history took place in 2017 and that was 39, which is still 23 games short of magic.


College basketball expert Matt Cox helped out Segars and they started off by examining upsets early in the tournament.


One tip is to pick against the grain so you can grab teams that are less popular. It is a key concept to outdo your competition.


Look for teams with extreme styles. Teams that crash the offensive glass and force a lot of turnovers, says Cox.


While Segas acknowledges the tournament has neutral site games, he brings up how teams do on the road.


Cox uses the word “extremes” again, suggesting those that play well at home but not on the road. Cox specifically mentions Arkansas, which has been good on home and the road while SEC counterpart Auburn has struggled away from home.


Segars also mentions there are less upsets deeper into the tournament. Cox believes it is important to divide the bracket into the first two rounds and then the rest of the tournament. Does a school have a chance to make it this far as the field is whittled.


Do you think a team can get to the Final Four as opposed to whether it will beat a certain foe.


Cox is not a believer in strength of schedule as a key factor in picking a bracket. He cites Gonzaga, a West Coast Conference school, as one to believe despite playing in a mid-major tournament. The Bulldogs have had success in the postseason and they are battle-tested from early season games.


Segars does not believe in winning streaks, either. He throws that criteria out completely. He says over the past 20-30 streakiness or momentum is meaningless. Teams that lose early in conference tournaments tend to do better because they get more time to recuperate and rest.


Segars points out six of the last seven national champions did not win conference tournaments. UCLA had a four-game losing streak last season but went to the Final Four.


Cox again throws out the hot or cold team and calls it a potential pitfall.


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