Nathan’s Hotdog Contest: Hot Dog Totals

Nathan’s Hotdog Contest: Hot Dog Totals

June 23, 2022


Contest Preview


The record for most hot dogs ever eaten in Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest stands at 76 glizzys in one 10-minute sitting. Funnily enough, that record, set by competitive eating GOAT Joey Chestnut was set last year, giving plenty of room for speculation on whether fans will have a chance to see said record broken once again this year. Just remember though, we are talking about 76 dogs in 10 minutes. So how about instead we focus on how the odds are looking for the total number of hot dogs to be consumed in this year’s competition?


As of right now, over at fans will find that the odds for eating over 74 ½ hot dogs stands at -120 while eating just under 74 ½ dogs also stands at a respectable -120. Now, the odds of there being someone who can manage to break Chestnut’s record of 76 dogs and devour over 76 ½ hot dogs stands at +200 while making it just under 76 ½ dogs in the competition stands at -300. So where do you think the real betting value stands at? Just shy of the record or surpassing it, even if it’s by half a dog? Make sure you hit up and put your money where your thoughts are though.


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