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  • Prediction and Analysis: Portugal vs France July 05, 2024

Prediction and Analysis: Portugal vs France July 05, 2024

Portugal vs France Match Preview

Portugal and France will square off in the Volksparkstadion stadium in Hamburg, Germany, on July 5 in the Euro Knockout stage. This article contains the most in depth UEFA Euro analysis out there.


Portugal Analysis: They advanced through penalties their last game

Ronaldo, the standout player for the Selecao, saw both tragedy and victory in Monday’s match between Portugal and Slovenia at Deutsche Bank Park. The 39-year-old’s amazing save of a penalty kick in extra time has prevented him from scoring at Euro 2024. Ronaldo’s face streamed with tears as Slovenia managed to keep Martinez’s team off the scoring for the last fifteen minutes of the 120. However, when the Al-Nassr player, Bernardo Silva, and Bruno Fernandes all scored from 12 yards out, the Slovenians encountered an unbreakable barrier in Diogo Costa. Costa, who took over for Ronaldo as Portugal’s hero for the game, made history by becoming the first male goalkeeper to ever save 3 penalties in a European Championship shootout, helping the 2016 winners advance to the quarterfinals and saving his teammates’ blushes.


France Analysis: They haven’t lost in 7 straight games

France was the least impressive in their group. Even though France was grouped with Poland, Austria, and the Netherlands, it was predicted that they would win their group. They began with a victory over Austria, although they found it difficult to penetrate Ralf Rangnick’s team and were only ahead due to an own goal. Then France lost two straight draws. After Poland’s goal was disallowed for offside in the first match, the Netherlands and Poland played to a scoreless draw. Poland’s two goals came from penalty kicks. In the round of 16, France faced Belgium, a formidable foe, and the result was another implausible 1-0 victory.

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Portugal vs France Match Information

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07/05/2024 03:00 PM ET



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