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  • Atalanta BC vs US Lecce: Preview & Picks 2/19/2023

Atalanta BC vs US Lecce: Preview & Picks 2/19/2023

Game Preview



Game Preview


When Atalanta hosts Lecce at its Gewiss Stadium in Serie A round 23, they will be looking to build on a 2-0 victory against Lazio. After losing to Sassuolo by a score of 1-0, the Orobici immediately turned things around and defeated the Biancocelesti in the “Eternal City,” but they still need to keep getting better if they want to go to the Champions League.


Since Serie A restarted after the World Cup, Lecce have been in excellent form themselves, drawing with both Milan and Roma. They’ve played some good football lately, but they’ve had trouble turning draws into victories lately, with just one in their previous six.


Lecce and the bottom three are separated by just seven points, and Verona is gaining ground, so Marco Baroni will be anxious to continue their streak of draws against the top six on Sunday. Unfortunately for the visitors, Atalanta’s aggressive play at the Gewiss Stadium this weekend might be too much for them.


Let’s check the latest picks, Serie A news, stats and Serie A expert picks for Atalanta vs Lecce. We’ve plenty of Serie A predictions for you to consider.


The game on Sunday seems to have the potential to be fun for everyone. Over the past three meetings, there have been an average of five goals per game during clashes between the two teams. Although their productivity has dropped in recent weeks, Atalanta started the Serie A season in a similar offensive vein, so a high-scoring game may be in store.


Lecce has always aimed to win the match against Atalanta, despite the fact that the hosts are clearly the favorites based on both current performance and previous outcomes. The Giallorossi have scored in each of their last three contests and in all but one of their previous six meetings against La Dea.


Atalanta’s last opponents have struggled to score against them in Serie A, but Lecce could be the ones to change this. With goals in two of his previous three games, Gabriel Strefezza has stood out for Baroni’s team, and this Sunday, this man might be a threat due to his pace on the counterattack.


Atalanta BC vs US Lecce Game Information


  • Date: 02/19/2023
  • Time: 06:30 AM ET
  • Location: Gewiss Stadium (Bergamo).
  • How to Watch Atalanta vs Lecce: Paramount+
  • Live Stream:


Atalanta vs Lecce Betting Lines


Atalanta is –200 according to our Vegas Serie A Lines. This means that if you wager $100 you have the chance to win $50.On the other side, Lecce is +550 according to the Vegas Serie A Lines. This means that if you wager $100 you have the chance to win $550.

The implied probability for these two teams attached to the betting lines has Atalanta at a 66.67% chance of winning the game, meanwhile Lecce has 15.38% probability of finishing the game with the W.


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