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  • The Huddle Ep. 85

The Huddle Ep. 85

News And Trends for Football

Forget watered-down rehashes, regurgitated news, and analysis that leaves you scratching your head. The Huddle Show delivers straight-up football knowledge bombs, served piping hot and ready to elevate your fandom to the next level.

Whether you bleed the colors of your hometown team or are a fantasy football guru plotting your next championship run, The Huddle Show is your one-stop shop for all things NFL. We’ll keep you informed, entertained, and armed with the insights you need to dominate your next tailgate conversation or leave your fantasy league rivals in the dust.

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Where I Can Find The Show?

On our BetUS TV YouTube channel. You can also find videos of every show.

Why do you film live?

Because we want to hear from you! Make sure to subscribe to the BetUS TV YouTube Channel, hit the bell notification so you get notified when we go live and you can come and join our The Huddle crew as they go through the daily slate.