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  • Prediction and Analysis: Gastelum vs Rodriguez Jun 22, 2024

Prediction and Analysis: Gastelum vs Rodriguez Jun 22, 2024

Kelvin Gastelum vs Daniel Rodriguez Figth Preview

Kelvin Gastelum from Arizona is set to face off against Daniel Rodriguez from Las Vegas in an upcoming UFC event in Saudi Arabia. Check out this article for the best UFC analysis on the market!


Kelvin Gastelum Analysis – Looking to get back on his feet

Kelvin Gastelum, boasting a record of 18-9, has maintained a 12-9 score throughout his tenure in the UFC. A consistent presence in the organization, he has previously reached the pinnacle of his division. Nevertheless, he has encountered difficulties in recent times, managing only 2 wins in his last 8 bouts. His most recent triumph was against Chris Curtis, while he faced defeat in his last fight against Sean Brady. Currently he stands at 5’9″ with a reach of 71.5 inches.


Daniel Rodriguez Analysis – Struggling on the cage

Daniel Rodriguez, with a record of 17-4, has experienced a mixed bag of results in his UFC career since 2020, going 7-3. Although he had a successful run with 4 consecutive victories in 2021-22, his momentum was definitely halted by defeats against Neil Magny and Ian Machado Garry in his most recent fights. However, Rodriguez now finds himself in a prime position to make a strong comeback after being finished in his last 2 bouts. Standing at 6’1″ tall and possessing a 74-inch reach, he possesses physical attributes that can aid him in his quest for redemption.

Daniel Rodriguez consistently outperforms his opponent in terms of strike rate, delivering more than double the number of strikes per minute. Additionally, his defensive capabilities are commendable, with a solid success rate of 56%. Typically, Rodriguez takes the initiative in the cage, relentlessly advancing towards his opponents. However, our mma analysis suggests he must exercise caution when facing Kelvin Gastelum, who is known for his constant movement and agile bouncing.


Kelvin Gastelum vs Daniel Rodriguez Best BetUS Sportsbook odds


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Kelvin Gastelum vs Daniel Rodriguez Fight Information

Date & Time

06/21/2024 07:05 PM ET


Kingdom Arena

How to Watch


Live Stream


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