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Stuttgart vs Köln: Predictions & Preview 05/14/2022

    Game Preview Stuttgart is currently facing relegation, but winning this match could be their salvation. They are 3 points behind a Hertha that soon will be facing Dortmund, which might keep their hopes alive. But on May 14, Köln will visit the Mercedes Benz Arena to try and crush Stuttgart’s hopes for the Bundesliga safety.   Locking Stuttgart in the relegation zone isn’t Köln’s only objective in this last match of the Bundesliga season. Baumgart’s men are also trying to get a 6th-place finish and a Europa League spot as they can still surpass Union Berlin in the

Union Berlin vs Bochum: Preview & Odds 05/14/22

    Game Preview Union Berlin is the Bundesliga team with the best form over the last six matches as they scored 16 points from the 18 possible. They are sitting in 6th-place and already secured a spot in the Europa Conference League play-offs. But if they take down Bochum and Freiburg loses their encounter against Leverkusen, then Union Berlin will qualify for the Europa League instead.   Bochum will visit the An der alten Forsterei on May 14 to try and finish the Bundesliga season with a winning streak and possibly sneak into the top 10. Reis’ side might

Mainz vs Frankfurt: Analysis & Predictions 05/14/22

    Game Preview On May 14, Frankfurt will visit Mainz at the Opel Arena as preparation for their Europa League finals against the Rangers in Seville next week. On the other side, the hosts will try to secure their first top-10 finish in the last 5 Bundesliga seasons, and while doing so, close out the season with a 3-game win streak.   Mainz most recently had an impressive game against the Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich. Svensson’s side took hold of an early lead, and even if Lewandoski managed to score a goal for his team, Mainz closed out the

Dortmund vs Hertha: Preview & Picks 05/14/22

    Game Preview On May 14, as their last attempt at securing Bundesliga safety, Hertha will visit Dortmund at the Signal Iduna Park on May 14. Magath’s team is not completely safe from the relegation zone, as they are exactly 3 points ahead of Stuttgart, and the goal difference is hugely in favor of Stuttgart.   At least getting a draw would secure another season in the Bundesliga for Hertha. It’s been 10 years since the last time we saw Hertha relegate to the Bundesliga 2nd division. It happened back in the 2011-12 season and they fell into the

Bielefeld vs Leipzig: Predictions & Analysis 05/14/22

    Game Preview Bielefeld cannot escape relegation anymore and at most can only reach relegation play-offs, and if they want to reach that, this will be their last opportunity. On May 14, Leipzig will visit the Schüco-Arena to try and secure a spot in the champíons league, and while doing so, crush all of the Beliefeld hopes of getting into the relegation playoffs.   After only being able to win 5 games throughout the entire 2021-22 Bundesliga season, Bielefeld finds itself in a frustrating situation. Had they only win one more game in the season, they would have a

RB Leipzig vs Augsburg: Picks & Predictions 5/08/2022

  Game Preview   In a last effort, Leipzig will try to bounce back from their 2 recent losses and achieve a top-4 finish, guaranteeing themselves a spot in the Champions League. On the other side, Augsburg will try to secure a win to stay as far away as possible from the relegation play-offs zone.   Augsburg is exactly 6 points away from relegation zone, which means that if Stuttgart manages to win their next two games, doesn’t matter how unlikely it is, they still can get out of the relegation zone. This match that carries implications for the standings

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Gladbach: Preview & Analysis 5/08/2022

  Game Preview   This is one of the closest matches we will have in this final week of the Bundesliga season. Frankfurt is hosting M’gladbach at the Deutsche Bank Park stadium on May 8. These two teams have been fighting for a top-10 finish throughout the last weeks of the season, and at this moment, they are only 1 point away.   Something else to consider is that in their next matches, Frankfurt and M’gladbach will be facing the teams two spots above them respectively. This last week turned out to be pretty exciting for these two teams as

Hoffenheim vs Leverkusen: Analysis & Predictions 5/07/2022

  Game Preview   Hoffenheim will try to come back from a winless streak while they host Leverkusen on May 7 at the PreZero Arena. Leverkusen has every excuse to take over this match convincingly because even if they secured a spot in the Europa League, they still haven’t guaranteed themselves a pass to the Champions League group stage.   Hoffenheim’s chances of getting into the top 6 of the Bundesliga are extremely slim. They are 5 points behind Union Berlin and 6 points away from getting a spot in the Europa Conference League play-off round.   Hoeneß’s team is

Greuther Furth vs Dortmund: Picks & Preview 5/07/2022

  Game Preview   Fürth, the team sitting at the bottom of the table will be hosting Dortmund, a team that already secured a spot in the Champions League group stage. Leitl’s men haven’t been able to win a single one of their last 10 matches, making it even more demoralizing to face one of the best Bundesliga teams. While this match isn’t very relevant for Dortmund in regards to their place in the standings, they definitely want to finish the season with two victories in their books.   A week ago, Fürth was able to stand against the 7th-place

Freiburg vs Union Berlin: Odds & Preview 5/07/2022

  Game Preview   In an effort to keep their lossless streak going and secure a Champions League spot, Freiburg will face Union Berlin, which hasn’t lost a single one of their last 5 Bundesliga games. The match will be held in Freiburg’s Europa-Park-Stadion on May 7.   These two teams come in a very strong form as they haven’t lost any of their recent matches. Freiburg already has a guaranteed spot in the Europa Conference league, but they both can still secure a Champions League spot, although Union Berlin will need to secure more points first.   Streich’s line

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