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Host Gary Segars will be joined by the best handicappers and industry insiders to teach you everything you need to know to have the best chance to cash out! So, go to our YouTube BetUS TV Channel for exclusive content every week. Our crew will school you through new BetUS How to Bet On Sports videos every week.


How to Bet on Sports Full Episodes

What is an Over / Under, or Total, in Sports Betting?

  In this video, BetUS host Gary Segars explains totals betting (or the over/under): what it is, how it can affect odds, and some strategies you can use to help win wagers.   You’ve likely heard the phrases “Life’s too short to bet the under” or “it’s not over til it’s under,” etc. There are several groups on social media that call themselves “the Overs Club,” known for betting on overs. But what is that? If you’re new to sports gambling, you may not have a clue what any of that means. What’s an over? What’s an under? What is

French Open Betting Guide: Strategy & Tips to Make Money Betting Tennis

  In this video we interview BetUS sports betting expert Alex Christenson about betting the French Open tennis tournament. Alex gives his wagering strategies and tips to help you make money betting on tennis.   The French Open, also widely known as the Roland Garros, was started in 1891 and is the 2nd of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments. BetUS How to Bet on Sports Host, Gary Segars, dives into ways to handicap the field, including what type of court, what type of players is best suited to this tournament, along with things to avoid when making your wagers.  

Preakness Stakes Betting Guide: Tips to Make Money Horse Betting

  In this video we interview BetUS host Gordon “Flash” Watson about betting the Preakness Stakes. Flash gives his wagering strategies and tips to help you make money horse betting and more specifically, how to bet horses running the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown.   Rich Strike, maybe the most unlikely underdog winner in the history of the Kentucky Derby, is sitting out this race, so should we be looking at more longshots this time? The Preakness Stakes takes place on Sat, May 21st at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, MD, where it has been

What is a Round Robin in Sports Betting?

  In this video, BetUS host Gary Segars helps explain round robin betting: what it is, understanding how it can affect odds, and some strategies you can use to help win round robin wagers.   Bettors often discuss tossing moneyline underdogs into a round robin. If you’ve ever heard that phrase, but have no idea what it means, this is the video for you, as we add another member to the parlay family.   Watch the Full Show Here   Sign-up at BetUS TODAY and get 125% BONUS. Use the Promo Code BETUSTV125. Terms and Conditions apply.

Kentucky Derby Betting Guide: Tips to Make Money Horse Betting

  In this video we interview BetUS host Gordon “Flash” Watson on Kentucky Derby betting.   Flash gives his wagering strategies and tips to help you make money horse betting and more specifically, how to bet horses running the church hill downs at the Kentucky Derby, the first leg of the Triple Crown.   The Kentucky Derby is known as “the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports,” and it has been run, as of this video, 147 times now. BetUS How to Bet on Sports Host, Gary Segars, runs us through what type of horses lend well to the church hill

Parlay Betting Explained: Winning Parlay Strategies

  We’ve all seen promos posts on social media about “x person hits 15 team $10 parlay, wins $250,000!” So what exactly is a parlay? Is it a smart bet? What happens if a game gets canceled or results in a push? Are there any strategies regarding parlays?   On today’s show, we’re going to define a parlay, the real odds behind them, and why you may or may not want to bet them.   Watch the Full Show Here

How to Win Betting Baseball | MLB Betting Guide & Tips

  The 2022 MLB Season is upon us, and, though the baseball regular season may not get as much attention as football or basketball, it is maybe the most profitable sports betting opportunity for sharp bettors – or the people that really know their stuff. There are – in non-lockout or pandemic shortened seasons – 162 scheduled regular season games for all 30 Major League Baseball teams. That means 2,430 games to bet on per season… and that doesn’t include the All-Star game, spring training games, or the playoffs and World Series.   To help us navigate how to make

Guide to Reading Betting Odds: What they Mean & How to Use Them

  Sports wagering is much more involved than just picking a winner or a loser. Odds show us the probability of an outcome, giving a value to each bet you make, whether on points, a straight-up winner, or any other number of things in the game. What do these numbers mean? How are you supposed to read them? How can you use them to help decide whether or not to make a bet? On today’s show, we’re joined by sports betting expert Chris Farlay, who will explain betting odds, what they mean, and how YOU can use them to make

Tips for Picking the Perfect NCAA Tournament Bracket

BetUS’ Gary Segars takes you through how to attempt the impossible: Picking the perfect NCAA Tournament bracket.   Here are some hints on how to go 63-for-63, which no one has done.   The longest run in bracket history took place in 2017 and that was 39, which is still 23 games short of magic.   College basketball expert Matt Cox helped out Segars and they started off by examining upsets early in the tournament.   One tip is to pick against the grain so you can grab teams that are less popular. It is a key concept to outdo

Why it’s so Difficult to Pick the Perfect NCAA Tournament Bracket

  We’re officially in March, and everyone’s dream of picking the perfect bracket is coming clearly into focus. The American Gaming Association states that more 40 million people filled out more than 70 million brackets for the 2021 NCAA Basketball Tournament. Last year wasn’t exactly a high though – there have been more than 70 million brackets filled out every year since 2017.   So there are 70 million attempts every year to correctly pick all 63 games in the NCAA. What are the odds of picking 63 consecutive winners? If you treat each game as a coin flip –

How to bet on Sports, Predictions For Today’s Game

Are you an enthusiastic sports fanatic who wants to start dabbling in the world of online sports wagering, for example, betting on NFL action? The world of sports betting ventures can be full of unspoken tricks, loopholes and an infinite amount of ways in which one could make money but also lose money just as easily. But not to worry sports enthusiasts because BetUSTV has got the perfect solution for all of your sports betting conundrums.

Thanks to BetUSTV’s “How To Bet on Sports” show, sports pundits both old and new will have an upper hand, insiders look into the world of professional sports betting and how to make the most money out of their wagering ventures. With the new NFL season coming up in a few months for example, knowing exactly what all the right moves to be made when betting on NFL matchups in order to maximize your winnings is a definite must, right? Well why not let our panel of experts on the “How To Bet on Sports” show guide you through anything and everything you should know if your main objective is to make bank with your preferred NFL picks.

On “How To Bet on Sports” you can be sure that our group of hosts and experts will tackle down all of the most important topics when it comes down to the path to having a successful sports betting career. Be it that you want to wager on NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB or soccer action, or that you feel like you could be in for a strong win betting on NCAAF, having BetUSTV’s experts guiding you along the way will make you look like you have been doing this your whole life and that the next stop for you will be to the bank to collect all your winnings. The world of sports betting could be even considered a universe of its own, with a plethora of moves, kinds of wagers, terms and numbers that could baffle even the wittiest fans, so before you take a dive, it will always be best to go into it with as many tricks up your sleeve and knowledge as possible.

If you ask any seasoned, well-off, professional sports bettor they’ll surely tell you that while betting on sports is a thing of luck above all other traits, it will never hurt one bit to have a helping hand by your side. So, at the end of it all, the only thing left to do here is ask yourself, am I ready to start winning when betting on sports? Because if you are, then watching BetUSTV’s “How To Bet on Sports” is definitely the best way to start up.

Host & Guests

Gary Segars

WinningCuresEverything.com owner and host, former lead vocalist of Prosevere, husband, father, and college football fan.

Gary began blogging about CFB in 2005 by launching MemphisTider.com, which quickly grew to 3 million visitors in less than two years and continued to grow a following until launching WCE in 2012.

Gary has infiltrated the College Football universe with his sense of humor, analogies, and ability to remember game and team specifics, as well as understanding analytics, while not allowing emotion to sway his opinions or picks. He is a diehard SEC football fan and a CFB gambler for nearly two decades.

After 15 years on the road, he and a boyhood friend started their own sports podcast, which has led to several hosting chances, ads, national radio appearances, and now, hosting the BetUS College Football Show.

Scott Kellen

Scott Kellen is a professional sports bettor located in Las Vegas, NV. Scott specializes in NFL betting. Scott has produced 14 winning NFL seasons over the past 19 years, including winning the 2011 Cantor Football Showdown and the 2014 Golden Nugget Football Showdown contests. He has also placed in the top 20 (11th & 20th) of the prestigious Westgate NFL Super Contest.

Scott combines a mix of time-tested technical, fundamental and statistical handicapping. Well respected by the offshore and Las Vegas books, Scott’s model has passed the test of time for over 19 years. Regularly featured in the past on ESPN1100 in Las Vegas during the football season and now VSIN and in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Scott concentrates on just one sport all 12 months of the year.

Chris Farley

Chris has been learning and honing the craft of professional sports betting for over a decade. Over the past year, Chris has produced over 300 sports betting articles at TheOddsBreakers.com, as well as many betting podcasts and live broadcasts. He has become well-known for his style and sharp analysis, most notably for his 207-152 (58%) NBA record during the 2021 season. Day to day Chris works as a Communications Director and he loves to travel, exercise, spend time with his family and friends, and nothing makes him happier than the combination of sports and good food!

Matt Cox

Matt Cox is a professional sports bettor and one of the three members of Three-Man-Weave, a website, and podcast which specializes in college basketball. Matt fuses his love and passion for college hoops, coupled with his analytic acumen, to handicap college basketball, as well as a myriad of other niche sports markets. As an Indiana University alumnus, his allegiance is to the Crean and Crimson, but a brainwashed childhood forced him into becoming a part-time Duke fan, too. His work can be found on Action Network, the Field of 68, VSIN, among other platforms throughout the college basketball season.

Theo Goodman

Theo is an NFT Auctioneer, sports betting degenerate, ex-Chief of Memetics at Proof Of Work Media and retired Rarepepe Scientist.