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The NBA is where Amazing Happens and the BetUS NBA Show is where you find the best free picks to make it better! Our crew of NBA expert handicappers is ready to make you cash with amazing free picks for the most exciting basketball games! Don’t miss our NBA Show with Alex Christenson, Shark Sheasby, Junior Browne, Chris Farley, and Sean Green every weekday at 12:00 PM EST on our NBA Picks and Predictions YouTube Channel!

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Alex Christenson, Shark Sheasby, Junior Browne, Chris Farley, and Sean Green


Weekdays 12:00 PM EST

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May 24, 2024

Prediction and Analysis: Boston Celtics vs Indiana Pacers May 25, 2024
The Indiana Pacers and the Boston Celtics will square off in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Find more articles like this for the most in depth basketball analysis out there. Celtics Analysis: Jaylen Brown scored 40 points in the previous game Boston grabbed control of the situation and improved upon its first … Continued

May 24, 2024

Predictions and Analysis: Mavericks vs Timberwolves May 24, 2024
On Friday, the Dallas Mavericks will play Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals at Target Center against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Mavs are up 1-0 in the series. Keep reading more articles like this for the most in depth basketball analysis out there. Mavericks Analysis: They’ve won their last 3 games In the … Continued

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Host & Guests

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Junior Browne

Junior Browne is an in-house handicapper for Betus with years of industry experience. He started making bets as a young man and later graduated to capping full time after moving to Costa Rica. He covers NBA, NFL, NCAA Basketball, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Champions League. In his spare time, he coaches AAU basketball with a few of his alumni going on to play at the Division 1 level. Although he no longer plays himself, he does take any opportunity to provide one on one skills training for aspiring young players. Other than that, most of his spare time is spent analyzing statistics and watching game film in order to find an edge when capping. His dream is to retire in Las Vegas where he can spend his retirement doing exactly what he loves which is getting action on games.

The NBA Show Hosts & About the Show

When diving into the world of wagering on sports action, especially something like betting on the top NBA games today, taking the plunge with the help of some of the industry’s top basketball experts and handicappers will surely make for a more successful trip.

If there was ever a starting strategy to make it big when wagering on pro basketball, keeping a close eye on what our panel of experts in “The NBA Show” have to say about every game is a definite must.

BetUS TV is always on top of all the action and information going on around the league, which automatically makes it a definite key component to having a winning basketball wagering strategy.

While you could do all of the groundwork, like searching for different game, injury and stats reports or trying to figure out where the true value in your NBA odds wagering purposes may be at, how about you just let the experts at “The NBA Show” do all of the heavy lifting for you and you just sit back, bet and enjoy.

At the end of it all, just like in basketball, when it’s time to take the important shots or make the pivotal plays, you always want the best people around you helping you out in order to win. This is exactly what our seasoned expert group of NBA odds experts are ready to offer you for all of the top matchups in the league. By having the latest information and most thought out analysis, BetUS TV and “The NBA Show” are two of the most important players you are going to want to have alongside you on the NBA betting court when it’s time to start balling like a pro.


Who will win tonight's NBA games?

Our expert analysts, handicappers, and bettors have the best NBA picks, NBA predictions tonight, and NBA betting trends, so you’ll have the advantage when you place your bet on the next NBA game. As Kate Constable joins Chris Farley and Alex Christenson for tonight’s matches, you’ll get the top picks and odds that you need to make the best wager. Tune in to determine which team is more likely to continue their winning streak or take a backseat to another team.

Find out how the Brooklyn Nets will fare against Orlando Magic, or if you should bet on the Suns or Pelicans. Next, get the top strategy on whether the Pistons have what it takes to win the next match or if you should place your next wager on Miami Heat. Then, place your next bet on Grizzlies or Pacers, based on our expert picks, and enjoy the thrill of the game with a strategic wager for the win!

How to bet on NBA games?

Are you ready to make your wager for this week’s NBA games? You’ll find everything you need to get down at BetUS with confidence: all the best NBA betting odds for the pro basketball season.

When you visit, you can register for an account to place your first wager. You’ll have access to the best NBA picks, NBA predictions, and stats to analyze for your NBA betting strategies, with the advantage of reviewing the expert’s strategies on which teams are the best pick.

When you open your first BetUS Sportsbook account, you’ll be invited to cash in on big bonuses, and cashback offers when you place your first bet. In addition, BetUS gives you the most out of the top betting site in the industry, where you can use a variety of currencies, including crypto and your initial deposit. So naturally, you’ll want to explore BetUS to get in on all the details and regularly check for updates and strategic changes for the likely successive win or best odds.

You’ll always find the top picks and odds for the latest tournaments and NBA games, where our experts regularly broadcast their updates and strategies on the next match. In addition, BetUS is where you’ll find the best incentives and information for your next play, from cashback specials, and inside updates, so you can plan your next wager for a better chance to win.

What is the point spread in NBA?

NBA betting trends tend to lean toward the point spread of a game. A point spread is used to map or determine how likely a specific team will win a match within a particular number of points. Also known as a “line,” a spread is where experts create a margin to handicap their chosen team and project their winning potential. Based on these predictions, you can choose to bet on a favorite team or the underdog for your next wager. The projected numbers on the spread show a plus sign for the underdog and a minus sign for the favorite.

When you wager on the favorite team, a win occurs when the team wins, and the victory margin totals more than the point spread. A bet placed on the underdog wins when this team ties, wins or if the favorite team doesn’t exceed the total point spread amount. You may be familiar with the spread or line in other sports, commonly known as the money line, for bets on hockey or baseball games. You can also choose to play the under over, where you wager on the sum of points total over or under a specific score. When you bet using this method, you’ll need to risk a minimum of $110 to win a profit of $100.

What NBA picks & NBA predictions do we offer?

If you’re looking for great offers and the best NBA picks and predictions, you’ll find everything you need for great odds at BetUS. Our top experts, and host, Kate Constable, offers the latest strategies from expert gamblers, so you can see the analyst’s point of view when making your next move. In addition, our top betting experts follow the NBA games and strategies in great detail, so you’ll get in on their point of view on which team has the advantage.

At BetUS, we offer the best NBA prediction and strategies from experienced gamblers and expert analysts with in-depth knowledge and the inside scoop on what you can expect from one game or match to the next. Which players are likely to score next, and which team will continue their winning or losing streak? You can bet on the total points of a team or review the spread to determine the best strategy for the next wager.

When you visit BetUS Sportsbook, you’ll get the latest NBA betting trends, news, information on injuries, and professional updates on players’ performance. Let our experts review all the fine details to determine your next plan to wager for the win. When you open an account with BetUS, you’ll find killer bonuses, incentives, and regular news to enhance your strategy for the next game.