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BetUS brings you the College Basketball Show, live every weekday at 11:00 AM ET on our College Basketball YouTube Channel! Our incredible host TJ Rives is joined by Corbie Craig, Matt Cox, Kyle Hunter and Jeff Nadu to go over the latest NCAA Basketball news, and to give you the best college basketball picks and predictions.

So, don’t miss out and join us on our exclusive College Basketball Picks and Predictions YouTube Channel as we take an in-depth look at each week of NCAA hoops action!

Hosts and Experts

TJ Rives, Corbie Craig, Matt Cox, Kyle Hunter and Jeff Nadu


Weekdays 11:00 AM EST

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Prediction and Analysis: NC State vs Purdue Final 4, April 06, 2024 Logo
Prediction and Analysis: Alabama vs UConn April 05, 2024 Logo
Prediction and Analysis: NC State vs Purdue April 06, 2024 Logo

Game Preview

April 03, 2024

Prediction and Analysis: Alabama vs UConn April 06, 2024
Alabama vs UConn Game Preview On April 6, the Alabama Crimson Tide (25-11) and UConn Huskies (35-3) will compete for a berth in the NCAA Tournament national championship game. Continue reading more articles like this for the most in depth basketball analysis. Alabama Analysis: On a 4-game winning streak Grant Nelson, a senior … Continued

April 02, 2024

Predictions and Analysis: Utah vs Indiana St April 02, 2024
Utah vs Indiana St Game Preview The NIT Tournament semifinals are ready to kick off with a game featuring the Utah Utes (22-14) against the Indiana State Sycamores (31-6). Utah, the 2nd seed in their bracket, secured victories against UC Irvine, Iowa, and VCU en route to this stage. On the other hand, Indiana … Continued

April 02, 2024

Prediction and Analysis: Georgia vs Seton Hall April 02, 2024
Georgia vs Seton Hall Game Preview The Georgia Bulldogs (4th seed) are set to face off against Seton Hall Pirates (1st seed) in the 2024 NIT semifinals this Tuesday. Georgia, with a record of 20-16 and tying for 11th place in the Southeastern Conference with Arkansas at 6-12, secured their spot in the semifinals … Continued

March 30, 2024

Predictions and Analysis: NC State vs Duke Mar 31, 2024
NC State vs Duke Game Preview The No. 4 seed Duke Blue Devils (27-8) and the No. 11 seed NC State Wolfpack (25-14) square off in an Elite Eight game on March 31 at American Airlines Center. Keep reading more articles like this for the most in depth basketball analysis available. NC State … Continued

March 30, 2024

Predictions and Analysis: Tennessee vs Purdue Mar 31, 2024
Tennessee vs Purdue Game Preview On March 31 at Little Caesars Arena, the No. 2 seed Tennessee Volunteers (27-8) and the No. 1 seed Purdue Boilermakers (32-4) will square off in an NCAA Tournament Elite Eight game. Continue reading more articles like this for the best basketball analysis available. Tennessee Analysis: They’ve won … Continued

March 30, 2024

Predictions and Analysis: Clemson vs Alabama Mar 30, 2024
Clemson vs Alabama Game Preview The 6th-seeded Clemson Tigers take on the 4th- seeded Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday evening with a trip to the Final Four on the line. Get the best basketball analysis by reading more articles like this. Alabama Analysis: Coming from a massive win With a squad that included … Continued

March 30, 2024

Predictions and Analysis: Illinois vs UConn Mar 30, 2024
Illinois vs UConn Game Preview The TD Garden will host the NCAA basketball Elite Eight match between UConn and the Illinois Fighting Illini on Saturday. In the Final Four, the victor of this matchup will face the eventual winner of Alabama vs. Clemson. Follow this article for more basketball analysis. UConn Analysis: Has … Continued

March 29, 2024

Prediction and Analysis: Duke vs Houston March 29, 2024
Duke vs Houston Game Preview When the teams play on March 29 in the Sweet 16, the top-seeded Houston Cougars (32-4) or the fourth-seeded Duke Blue Devils (26-8) will advance to the NCAA Tournament’s Elite Eight. Look for more articles like this with the best basketball analysis available. Duke Analysis: They’ve won 3 … Continued

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Host & Guests

TJ Rives image

TJ Rives

T.J. Rives, a 30-year sports media veteran in Tampa Bay and nationally for SiriusXM, Fox Sports Radio, and Tunein, has seen and covered a wide range of sports. However, basketball, notably college basketball, is perhaps his first love. T.J. is a former Memphis State University alumnus who played with current Tigers coach Penny Hardaway in the early 1990s! T.J. was also the former radio voice of the University of South Florida Bulls men’s basketball team in Tampa, which was a member of the Big East and is now the American Conference for ten seasons. In his career, he has also been to or worked at 19 Final Fours, with his favorite cities for championships being: New Orleans, Indianapolis and San Antonio.

About The College Basketball Show & Our March Madness Show Hosts

A professional sports betting college basketball handicapper studies and wagers on sporting events. While this definition can refer to almost anyone who bets on sports, you can rest assured that our professional cappers take their time to find the edge you need against the books, with the end goal of helping you turn a profit.

If you tune in to analytics-minded college basketball cappers, you’ll probably hear the term “efficiency” being thrown around quite a bit. You’re behind the curve if you aren’t using offensive and defensive efficiency in your handicapping process. The modern betting marketplace is driven by analytics. Efficiency is what moves the needle in college basketball betting – especially when it comes to betting on March Madness.

When you’re ready to dial into a top-rated sports tv show to get the college basketball predictions you need along with the latest and best college basketball odds, you’ll find you’re in the right place when you land on BetUS TV.

Our expert handicappers bring their best college basketball picks to you so that you can make the most informed choice when you head on over the BetUS Sportsbook and Casino to make your basketball bets and put in your best March Madness bets.

BetUS TV host TJ Rives (@BucSidelineGuy) is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Radio Sideline reporter and one of our very best BetUS TV Hosts. TJ comes to us live every week to weigh in with his college basketball predictions and college basketball picks.

While he’s at it, he invites Jeff Nadu (@JeffNadu) to join the conversation and share his thoughts on the best March Madness betting odds, as well as his own favorites, college basketball predictions, and best March Madness picks. Nadu is also known as “Big Man on Campus” and is a well-known college basketball gambler and handicapper who worked with Barstool Sports for about a year.

Finally, Ian Cameron (@bobano), professional sports bettor and handicapper – and host of The Ice Guys NHL betting show – joins BetUS TV’s host TJRives and Jeff Nadu to get down on every conversation about college basketball odds. Likewise, he weighs in with his March Madness picks and opinion on the best March Madness betting odds.


Who will win tonight's March Madness games?

Our pro gamblers and expert handicappers, TJ Rives and guests Jeff Nadu and Ian Cameron, have the college basketball predictions you’ll want to listen to wisely bet on who will win tonight’s March Madness games.

When it comes to getting the college basketball odds, and the college basketball picks you need and can count on to make your best March Madness bets.

To understand March Madness odds, the first thing you need to get is that this is the annual championship tournament played for NCAA college basketball. Every single year in March (hence the moniker “March Madness”), 68 of the top teams in college basketball qualify to enter into a winner-take-all tournament that decides the national champion.

The competition goes down to 64 after four play-in games, leaving four sections of 16 teams, seeded 1 through 16 by a voting committee and based on each team’s regular-season and conference tournament results.

The number 1 seed plays the number 16 seed; the 2-seed plays the 15-seed, the 3-seed plays the 14-seed, and so on.

If a team loses, they’re out of the tournament. If they win, that team goes on to the next round, with the goal of winning six consecutive games to grab the NCAA championship.

The college basketball odds to win the championship (the March Madness odds) are decided by the sportsbook industry’s biggest oddsmakers. Then by online sportsbooks – the odds at the books suggest a certain probability of any given team taking the entire tournament.

As a player betting on March Madness, your job is to seek out the best March Madness odds of the season and take action on those.

How to bet on March Madness games?

Though March Madness is now just a week away, there’s still plenty of time to find some good value when betting on March Madness odds for 2022.

You may be wondering how to bet on March Madness. Betting on March Madness is easy when you can get access to the latest stats March Madness experts can give you and then access the best college basketball predictions. College basketball picks that our expert cappers at BetUS TV have to offer.

For all that pertains to March Madness and to get your March Madness bets in, go to, America’s favorite sportsbook, and open an account today. When you open your new wagering account with BetUS Sportsbook and Casino can take advantage of the extraordinary deposit bonuses BetUS has to offer. Some of the best in the industry, you can get up to 125% on your first cash deposit and 200% when you use crypto!

Set up your account, collect your bonus and you’re all set.

Start watching BetUS TV to get all the latest college basketball information, college basketball predictions, and March Madness betting odds that our expert capers recommend.

Then, head on over to BetUS and make your March Madness bets!

What is the point spread in College Basketball?

The point spread in college basketball odds is often called the spread or the line.

The over-under is sometimes called the total – also a part of college basketball odds.

Occasionally folks will lump all college basketball odds together by referring to them as “lines.”

The point spread is used as a handicap to even the odds a bit between the teams. In college basketball, sometimes the spread can be massive. That’s because some teams are stronger clubs than others – but they still play each other. For example, if North Carolina were to play a weaker team like Idaho State, the spread could be massive. However, if bettors were to just pick a team to win, everyone would probably put their money on the stronger team, and that would be that. The house wouldn’t stand a chance. Bookies can hope to even out the number of wagers between the two teams by placing a point spread.

It works like this:

The favorite (team most likely to win) is given a handicap or a certain number of points they must win the game by for the bettor to win his bet.

The underdog (team least favored to win) is given an advantage – a head start if you will – or cushion, allowing that team to lose by a certain number of points wherein the bettor would still win their wager.

For example:

  • Favorite – 4.5 -110
  • Underdog + 4.5 -110

If you wager on the underdog and that team wins outright or loses by fewer than five points, you win.

Bet on the favorite, and if they win by five or more points, you’ve got a winning ticket.

Often, the point spread is listed with a ½ point faction or decimal; that ensures that the bet cannot end in a tie no matter what the score.

If you bet on a whole number spread and the game ends in a tie, your bet would push.

When you have a push, that means that all bets are off.

The other number you’ll see associated with the spread (the -110 in our example) is the juice (also referred to as the vig, vigorish, or stake)— that’s the amount you have to bet to earn a profit of $100.

The most common vig you’ll see is listed as -110. This means that you must risk $110 to win $100.

The book keeps that extra 10% as part of their commission for booking your wager.

What March Madness picks & predictions does BetUS TV offer?

BetUS TV offers college basketball predictions and college basketball picks all season long. When March rolls around at the end of the college basketball season every year, our sports TV host TJ Rives and his guests discuss betting on March Madness.

Offering up everything from how to bet on March Madness to how to make the best March Madness bets, you can bet on Reves and his guests to give you the inside scoop from a pro-gambler and handicappers point of view.

When you’re betting on March Madness, you must get the latest stats March Madness experts can give you. Fortunately for you, we have just such college basketball and March Madness experts here at BetUS TV.

March Madness is a fun time for betting on college basketball. From betting on the point spread to taking the total, money lines, parlays, teasers, prop bets, and more, you can get all the college basketball predictions and March Madness odds you need at BetUS TV.

Wait. What is a March Madness prop bet? Prop bets are wagers made without the game outcome, spread, or total in mind. Typically props involve the team players, and bettors can place bets on an individual’s total number of points, rebounds, assists, or any combination of those stats. A March Madness prop bet can also give gamblers a chance to bet on unique outcomes like a specific team’s total points.

At BetUS TV, you can get March Madness picks, predictions, odds, and our pro-gambler, handicapping expert’s opinions on which are your best prop bets to wager on too.