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Barcelona vs Villarreal: Analysis & Picks 5/22/2022

    Game Preview Xavi’s men are locked in 2nd place as they are 12 points behind Real Madrid and 5 points ahead of Atletico, and for their next match they’ll be hosting Villareal at the Camp Nou on May 22. The stakes in this match are much different for Villareal, they are sitting in 7th place which means they would get a spot in the Europa Conference League play-off round, but that can slip off their hands very quickly.   Athletic is just 1 point behind them, so if they win their game against Sevilla they have the chance

Granada vs Espanyol: Preview & Predictions 5/22/2022

    Game Preview Granada will host Espanyol at the Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes on May 22 to try and avoid falling into the relegation zone as they are just 1 point away from being overtaken by Mallorca and Cadiz in the standings.   This is the last match of this La Liga season for both teams, although it’s much more important for Granda to win than it is for Espanyol. Karanka’s men will have to put all their efforts into this match after having a disappointing performance throughout the season and only getting 8 wins in their books.  

Elche vs Getafe: Preview & Predictions 5/22/2022

    Game Preview On May 22, the two teams currently locked on 39 points, Elche and Getafe, will play at the Estadio Martínez Valero with hopes to untie the score. But these two teams come into this match in very different forms, Elche is currently on a huge losing streak of three games after being defeated by Cadiz, Atletico Madrid, and Celta Vigo, where they didn’t score even 1 goal against any of them.   On the other hand we have Getafe, who are enjoying a five-game lossless streak, although it is worth noting that they have drawn each

Valencia vs Celta Vigo: Predictions & Analysis 5/21/2022

    Game Preview On May 21, Valencia will try to change the fact that they haven’t been able to win a single game since the middle of March when they took down Elche, and to achieve this, Valencia will host Celta Vigo at the Mestalla. Winning their game would also mean that Valencia gets a top-10 finish which would be extremely relieving for them as they haven’t been performing up to the expectations — to say the least — in the past few weeks.   Ending the season with a top-10 finish could also be translated as a huge

Rayo Vallecano vs Levante: Analysis & Preview 5/20/2022

    Game Preview Rayo Vallecano and Levante will meet at the Estadio de Vallecas on May 20 to play a game whose results won’t have much impact in the standings. The main reason being that this is both team’s last match in this La Liga season and their position in the standings is basically fixed.   Rayo saved themselves from the relegation zone a long time ago as they are currently sitting in 12th place, while Levante didn’t have the same luck and are now facing relegation, but in the end, both teams will want to end the season

Athletic vs Osasuna: Picks & Odds 5/15/2022

    After Villareal’s recent win over Rayo Vallecano, Athletic no longer has a chance at finishing in the top 7 this season. This means that in this match between Athletic and Osasuna, the teams will try to defend their pride as there isn’t much else to fight for as the season comes to an end very soon.   On May 15, Athletic will host Osasuna at the San Mamés stadium, where Arrasate’s men will try to end their winless streak and maybe have a chance at taking over Athletic in the standings. They are currently 5 points away, but

Atletico vs Sevilla: Analysis & Odds 5/15/2022

    Atletico Madrid already secured a spot in the next Champions League season, and while Sevilla is currently sitting in 4th place, they can still be surpassed by Real Betis if things don’t go their way. On May 15, Atletico will try to crush Sevilla’s hopes at the Wanda Metropolitano. If Lopetegui’s side loses to Atletico, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are out of contention for a Champions League spot, but it does mean that Atletico will secure a top-3 finish as they’ll be 4 points ahead of Sevilla.   Betis is the team that is right behind

Levante vs Alaves: Picks & Predictions 5/15/2022

    Levante and Alavés, the two teams sitting at the very bottom of the standings, will face each other on May 15 at the Estadio Ciudad de Valencia. If Alavés comes out ahead in this match, they’ll be out of the relegation zone, at least for the time being. On the other hand, if Levante secures the victory, they are still within relegation limits and will have to take down Rayo Vallecano to still have a chance of making it out. Now, if Alaves loses this game, they are still going to be relegated even if they win against

Real Betis vs Granada: Analysis & Odds 5/15/2022

    This match will be Real Betis’ opportunity to get a spot in the Champions League next season as they are currently 5 points behind Sevilla, the team sitting in 4th place. For Granada, winning this match means securing La Liga safety because Cádiz and Mallorca can still surpass them in the standings, meaning they can fall down to the relegation zone. This is a very important match for both teams, and it will be happening on Real Betis’ grounds at the Benito Villamarin on May 15.   Granada is several spots behind Real Betis in the standings, but

Villareal vs Real Sociedad: Picks & Odds 5/15/2022

    On May 15, Villareal will host Real Sociedad at the Estadio de la Ceramica, and while doing so, they will try to secure a top 7 spot in the standings. For Villareal, scoring a victory not only means that they’ll overtake Real Sociedad in the standings, but it also means that they’ll guarantee themselves a spot in the Europa Conference League.   For Real Sociedad, this match is also important, because although they can’t qualify for the Champions League, winning this game means that they’ll secure a spot in the Europa League group stage.   Now, coming into

LaLiga Picks & Predictions For Today’s Game

Spain is known for many amazing things in the world. There’s paella, flamenco, Spanish cinema, but at the end of the day none matter as much as their ever so famous domestic soccer league, the Spanish La Liga tournament. With teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona leading the helm, being two of the most important soccer teams in the history of the sport, betting on La Liga picks has become one of the favorite activities for European soccer betting fans everywhere.

Of course, for those other fans that are not as much into the ins and outs of Spanish football outside of what Real Madrid and Barcelona do, wagering on La Liga matchups might be an unknown world, but that’s what we’re here for. Thanks to BetUS TV’s “La Liga Show” soccer fans are treated to the absolute best La Liga betting tips, previews, reports, game analysis and everything needed to maximize their earnings when wagering on the top La Liga picks for the week.

Sure, going for Real Madrid and Barcelona are usually a safe fire bet, but if there’s one thing that La Liga has that continues to make it one of the most attractive and sought-after options for soccer wagering fanatics it’s the level of competition amongst the rest of the teams in the league. Week in and week out great matchups arise all over the La Liga schedule, making it even more important to have a heads up and some kind of edge over the rest of the competition. But what oh what could that heads up look like? Well, having a team of seasoned soccer betting handicappers offering the best La Liga predictions for each of the most important matches of the week is a very good place to start.

Here at BetUS TV’s “The La Liga Show” you’ll be able to keep up with the latest news on other important teams such as Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Betis, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao, all teams that are not just solid squads in La Liga but also in European competitions every year. With a league that holds such a high level of competitiveness, it only makes sense to surround yourself with the absolute best La Liga betting tips, picks and predictions which is why keeping up with every episode of “The La Liga Show” on BetUS TV should be right up there in your list of wagering priorities.

Domestic European soccer has always set the bar for excellence when it comes to levels of excitement, competitiveness and star players, and right up there is Spain’s La Liga tournament. So before going on with your soccer betting endeavors, check out BetUS TV’s “The La Liga Show”, get your fix of the best La Liga predictions today and go to town with your winnings after listening to our team of experts. Believe us, you won’t regret it.

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Flash is a former Premier League soccer player who also played for England’s U21 team. He was a player who excelled at all levels of the English game. He contemplated becoming a Professional Caddy on the European Tour after retiring at the age of 32. He worked as a scouting coordinator for Leicester City FC, which provided him with a unique perspective on the professional game. For almost 15 years, he has been presenting World Sports. Horse racing and the NFL are two of his passions. Coffee, chicken, fruit, and sports betting analysis are some of his favorite things. He enjoys banter but dislikes being late.

Roman de Arquer

Roman, who was born and raised in Barcelona, has been a soccer fan since he first got his hands (or rather feet) on a ball. He still plays soccer on a weekly basis, sometimes in his ‘Rivaldo 10’ jersey, as he was one of the players that first attracted him to Barça. Roman presently works for a Spanish sports news organization, which he combines with his La Liga Lowdown obligations, which let him feed his soccer addiction, and this has led to a collaboration with BetUS. When it comes to LaLiga, he’ll be ready to share his knowledge of the competition in order to assist viewers in making the best possible selections.

Paco Polit

Paco has been covering Valencian soccer since 2004, which means he has spent more than half of his life watching the fortunes of Valencia CF, Levante UD, and, more lately, Villarreal CF and Elche CF. He was born and reared in Valencia, and the majority of his family shared his enthusiasm for soccer. Paco has worked in practically every aspect of the media related to soccer for the past seventeen years, including newspaper articles, internet media, TV shows, but most notably radio broadcasting and podcasting. Paco enjoys defensive soccer, green kits are often a source of financial stress for him, and he frequently goes on long rants whenever he gets irritated, which can happen virtually every day!

Pavlos Laguretos

Pavlos began betting at an early age and rapidly learned the ropes, earning a living by wagering on soccer and the NBA. His area of expertise is economics, yet his extensive knowledge of sports statistics offers him a competitive advantage that few others possess. He’s been writing about sports for about a decade and handicapping for just over five years, focusing on soccer (both European and MLS) and the NBA. Paul sifts through a number of facts to locate the best value for his clients, focusing primarily on single bets but also system parlays. Furthermore, both in soccer and in the NBA, he has an odd propensity to prop bets. Paul offers a wide choice of plays, with clients guaranteed to find value, whether it’s Correct Score forecasts, Player or Card Props.