BetUS brings you the MLS Show every Tuesday at 4:00 PM ET on our Soccer YouTube Channel! It’s our host, Gareth Wheeler, joining forces with Bob Ventimiglia and Dan Alexander with the sole mission of putting money in your pockets with MLS plays. They will give you free picks, betting advice, and the latest info around USA’s top soccer league. It’s time to cash big with our BetUS MLS Show!


MLS Picks & Predictions for Today’s Matches

Regarding professional soccer leagues, the Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States holds a special place. Soccer enthusiasts across the globe recognize it as one of the most exciting and competitive continental leagues. While the UEFA Champions League garners immense attention, the MLS offers its brand of thrilling matches and intense rivalries.

At BetUS TV, we cater to MLS fans with our “The MLS Show.” Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a passionate soccer pundit, our team of experts provides valuable insights, predictions, and picks for MLS games. Here’s what you can expect from our show:

Keeping up to date with team dynamics, player performances, and injury reports. Our experts keep their fingers on the pulse of MLS happenings.
Game Previews, before each match, we break down key matchups, tactical strategies, and historical context.
The MLS boasts its own star-studded lineup, think of teams like Los Angeles FC, Inter Miami, Seattle Sounders, and Columbus Crew. Our handicappers analyze trends, form, and player impact to provide you with the best MLS betting picks.

So, whether you’re backing Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami or cheering for local heroes, join us on “The MLS Show” for expert analysis, predictions, and an insider’s perspective on America’s top soccer league.

Host & Guests

Bob Ventimiglia

Bob has been producing and hosting Major League Soccer podcasts since January 2019, and has been a New York Red Bulls season ticket holder and supporter for over a decade. Bob has worked on over 300 YouTube and podcast episodes of his current project, “The Designated Pundits,” where he works as producer, host, and writer. Enjoying networking and connecting with other MLS content creators, Bob has also played the role of guest on dozens of podcasts and soccer shows. Originally from Clifton, NJ, Bob has resided in North Jersey for his entire life. He attended Montclair State University and the John J Cali School of Music, where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Music, and expects to graduate this summer from Western Governors University with a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design. Today, he applies that same passion, competitive spirit, and desire he first learned as a professional musician in his work as an MLS Podcaster and Content Creator. Bob is known throughout the league for his preseason MLS work, where he has, for four seasons now, made preview episodes for each Major League Soccer team, inviting podcast hosts and broadcasters from all over the country to produce engaging season previews. He is also one of the few writers on the web writing and publishing weekly MLS sportsbook articles.

Dan Alexander

Dan is a sports betting analyst who has been in the space since graduating university in 2015. He specializes in lower volume markets such as prop bets, niche sports and live betting. His handicapping approach combines data analysis with scheduling spots, injury reports and historical matchup info to identify underdogs and plus money plays to grow his bankroll. All his bets are anchored with strong bankroll management, taking more of an investment approach to sports betting.

Gareth Wheeler

Gareth is the lead commentator, host, and analyst at OneSoccer in Canada. Since 2019, he’s been the voice for the Canadian Men’s National team and a studio host for the Canadian Premier League and the Canadian Championship. With almost two decades of experience, Wheeler has been a prominent figure in Canadian soccer coverage. He started as a soccer columnist for the Toronto Sun during the launch of Toronto FC, which led him to cover the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. He later became the radio voice for Toronto FC and the English Premier League on the TSN Radio Network. From 2012 to 2018, Wheeler served as the lead host and analyst for national radio coverage of every Euro and World Cup. Since 2007, he’s covered Major League Soccer as a commentator, analyst, and columnist, including multiple MLS Cup finals. Over the past five years, Wheeler has also been creating soccer betting predictions, hosting and corresponding content.