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Lazio vs Verona: Picks & Odds 5/21/2022

    Game Preview   On May 21 Verona will take a trip to the Stadio Olimpico for their last match of the season against Lazio, and although this game isn’t of much importance for the standings, both teams will try to finish the season with a win in their books. Sarri’s men are sitting comfortably in 5th place and have already secured a spot in the Europa League group stage, so even if they win this match they wouldn’t move at all in the standings. And the same goes for Verona as they already secured a top-10 finish in

Sassuolo vs AC Milan: Odds & Predictions 5/22/2022

    Game Preview   For their last match of the season, Milan will make a trip to the Mapei Stadium on May 22 to play against Sassuolo and try to secure the Serie A championship. This is it for Pioli’s men, this is their last chance to guarantee themselves their 19th Serie A title, which would tie them with Milan for the 2nd place in the leaderboard of most Serie A titles.   On the other hand, Sassuolo can still reach a top-10 finish if they end up winning this game, but it’s obvious that the stakes are much

Spezia vs Napoli: Predictions & Analysis 5/22/2022

    Game Preview   On May 22, Spezia and Napoli will battle it out at the Stadio Alberto Picco in their last match of the Serie A season, where the stakes aren’t really high. With third place guaranteed, there might be little motivation for Napoli to play to their best this weekend, but still, they are a much better team when compared to the likes of Spezia, a team that barely managed to secure Serie A safety in the last weeks of the season. Although Motta’s side won the last encounter against Napoli, right now they aren’t looking that

Genoa vs Bologna: Picks & Predictions 5/21/2022

    Game Preview   On May 21, Genoa will host Bologna for their last game of the season at the Luigi Ferraris stadium. Sadly for Genoa, they are already relegated the final day of the season as they are 1 point short of being able to reach Salernitana in the standings, now they’ll have to prepare for their next season in the Serie B. Bologna on the other hand, is sitting comfortable in the 13th-place and they can only hope to get a win and climb up 1 spot in the standings, but other than that, there isn’t much

Atalanta vs Empoli: Odds & Preview 5/21/2022

    Game Preview   It’s the final day of the Serie A season and Atalanta is still trying to reach a place in the Europa League for next term, while Empoli are safe from relegation. On May 21, Atalanta will receive Andreazzoli’s men at the Gewiss Stadium for their last chance of getting a top-6 finish, but considering they are still 1 point behind Roma, Atalanta’s fate doesn’t depend entirely on themselves. If Roma and Fiorentina end up winning their respective matches, Gasperini’s side will lose their chances of getting into the Europa League.   The best thing Atalanta

Milan vs Atalanta: Predictions & Analysis 05/15/22

  On May 15, Milan will act as Atalanta’s gatekeeper, in a match where if they take them down, Atalanta’s chances of getting a spot in the Europa League or Europa Conference will be severely diminished. The worst part for Atalanta is that Milan is still fighting for the championship as they are only 2 points ahead of the 2nd-place team, Inter, and it’s clear that Pioli’s side will try to finish the season with a clean record. Atalanta heads into this match in a decent form, they haven’t lost any of their last 4 matches, although they haven’t faced

Juventus vs Lazio: Predictions & Analysis 5/16/2022

    Game Preview Juventus already secured a spot for the next Champions League season, and while they can still take over Napoli in the standings, there isn’t much else they can do. On the other hand, Lazio is only 3 points away from falling out of the top 7 in the standings.   Roma, Fiorentina, and Atalanta are all in a very close race for a top-7 finish, and if the results don’t go well for Sarrio’s men, they might end up falling behind those teams.   On May 16, Lazio will try to avoid that from happening as

Sampdoria vs Fiorentina: Analysis & Odds 5/16/2022

    Game Preview Fiorentina is currently fighting for a top-7 finish as there is currently a tie in the standings between them, Roma, and Atalanta. All of them have 59 points, although Roma has the lead when it comes to the goal differential.   In this match, what might worry Sampdoria even more, is that there is a scenario where they fall into the relegation zone, even if it’s a very unlikely one. They are 4 points ahead of Cagliari, the team sitting in 18th place, and Sampdoria have lost 4 of their last 6 matches, so they are

Napoli vs Genoa: Picks & Preview 5/15/2022

    Game Preview The oldest team in Serie A is currently facing relegation after playing in the league 14 seasons in a row. The team that was founded in 1893 is in a very challenging position, they’ll have to take down one of the best teams in the league in order to have a chance at playing in Serie A one more season.   Napoli, on the other hand, already has secured a spot in the Champions League and they can still take over the 2nd spot if things go well for them in the last two games of

Bologna vs Sassuolo: Preview & Analysis 5/15/2022

    Game Preview Sassuolo is currently on a 4-game winless streak, they recently had a frustrating 1-1 draw against Udinese while they are trying to secure a top-10 finish. On May 15 they will visit Bologna at the Renato Dall’Ara stadium to try and turn things around. Mihajlović’s men can still climb a few spots in the standings, although there aren’t any big possible implications coming out of this match.   While both of these two teams can secure a top-10 finish, it’s Bologna the one that has the higher chance to do it, that’s if they manage to

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