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More Premier League Game Picks and Predictions

Liverpool vs Wolves: Predictions & Picks 5/22/2022

    Game Preview   Sometimes, the last game of the season doesn’t mean much for some teams, well, this definitely is not the case. On May 22, Liverpool will host the Wolves at the Anfield stadium, where they’ll use all their energy to secure the last victory of the season, which might end up being the one that gives them the Premier League championship. Liverpool is just 1 point behind the current leaders of the standings, Man City, meaning that they still depend on Man City losing against Aston Villa to have a shot at getting the championship.  

Leicester vs Southampton: Predictions & Preview 5/22/2022

    Game Preview   Leicester will host Southampton at the King Power Stadium on May 22 for their penultimate game of the Premier League season. Rodgers’s men still have two games left to play this season, so they can still move a couple spots up or down the standings, while Southampton only has one more as they are completely locked in 15th place. Leicester is looking to close out the season in the best form because if everything goes well for them, they can finish with a 4-game win streak.   On the other hand, Hasenhüttl’s side has absolutely

Brighton vs West Ham: Preview & Analysis 5/22/2022

    Game Preview   The Hammers will take a trip to the American Express Community Stadium on May 22, where they’ll meet Brighton for their last game of the Premier League season. This match is definitely more important for West Ham as winning it means they can still reach a spot in the Europa League group stage, whereas losing will lock them in 7th-place.   Meanwhile, Brighton is sitting comfortably right in the middle of the standings next to Leicester and winning this wouldn’t even secure them a spot higher in the standings. It’s our typical scenario of which

Brentford vs Leeds: Picks & Odds 5/22/2022

    Game Preview   On May 22, Brentford and Leeds will play their last match of the season at the Brentford Community Stadium, where Marsch’s men will have their last opportunity to lower their chances of falling into the relegation zone. Leeds is only 1 point ahead of Burnley in the standings, which means that even if Leeds wins their game against Brentford, they still depend on the outcomes of Burnley’s last two matches of the season.   Marsch’s side is far from being the absolute favorite in this game, but let’s be honest, they are now in a

Burnley vs Newcastle: Odds & Predictions 5/22/2022

    Game Preview   Burnley will host Newcastle at the Turf Moor on May 22 for one of their last games in the season, where they’ll try to reach Leeds who is currently 1 point ahead of them in the standings. Burnley is facing relegation to the EFL Championship, but luckily for them, they are one of the few teams that still have two games left to play, unlike Leeds.   All this means that Burnley’s fate is still in their hands as they can secure Premier League safety on their own. And although losing this match doesn’t mean

Newcastle vs Arsenal: Predictions & Picks5/15/2022

    Game Preview Arsenal will visit St James’ Park on May 16 to try and take down Newcastle with hopes to extend their streak to 5 games and secure themselves a spot in the top 4. They come into this match with a lot of confidence as they recently won against West Ham twice and completely dominated Chelsea.   On some occasions, a 4th-place team playing against a team like Newcastle might not feel the need to overpower their opponent, but in this case, Arsenal needs to get every single win possible, as Tottenham is still trying to knock

Leeds vs Brighton: Predictions & Analysis 5/15/2022

    Game Preview Leeds is one of the teams currently facing relegation, they are in 18th place with Burnley, unluckily for them, Burnley is leading the goal differential, which means that Leeds needs to win at least one game if they want a chance to get Premier League safety. Brighton heads to the Elland Road on May 15 without any kind of pressure to try and take down Leeds and finish the season in the best form possible.   Marsch’s men are only thinking of one thing, to do whatever they have to do to take down Brighton in

Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace: Preview & Odds 5/15/2022

    Game Preview Aston Villa will host Crystal Palace at the Villa Park on May 15 for a match that’s very important as they are in a close race to reach the top 10 in the Premier League standings. They are only 1 point apart, but the Aston Villa has a very tough calendar ahead of them as they still have to play against Man City on May 22. On the other hand, Crystal Palace’s path towards the top 10 is looking more clear for them.   In their last match against Liverpool, Gerrard’s line managed to get a

Tottenham vs Burnley: Predictions & Analysis 5/15/2022

    Game Preview On May 15, Tottenham will be hosting Burnley in one of their last attempts at securing a top-4 finish in this Premier League season. On the flip side, Burnley’s players are going to put all their efforts into trying to not succumb to the pressure at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as they are really close to the relegation zone.   Conte’s team is trying to reach Arsenal in the standings as they are only a few points apart. The worrying thing for Tottenham is that Arsenal and Chelsea are currently in a good form and don’t

Tottenham vs Arsenal: Picks & Odds 5/12/2022

  Game Preview   Tottenham versus Arsenal might be one of the most exciting matches in this last part of the season. Both teams are in contention for a spot in the Champions League next season. Arsenal is one spot above Tottenham in the standings and heads into this match in an almost-perfect form after winning their last 4 games, and 3 of those were against top-7 teams.   It’s safe to say that Arsenal is the favorite team in this matchup, but they cannot underestimate Tottenham. Conte’s men won’t give up easily as they are 4 points behind Arsenal

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The Premier League, also known eponymously as the English Premier League or EPL Soccer, is the upper echelon of the English football league system. Contested by 20 clubs, EPL Soccer operates on a system of promotion and relegation within the English Football League. Seasons run from August to May with each team playing 38 matches.
The 20 English Premier Leagues (EPA Soccer) include, in order of the current standings as of March 2022:

  • Man City
  • Liverpool
  • Chelsea
  • Arsenal
  • Manchester United
  • West Ham
  • Tottenham
  • Wolves
  • Astin Villa
  • Southhampton
  • Crystal Palace
  • Leicester City Brighton
  • Newcastle
  • Brentford
  • Leeds United
  • Everton
  • Watford
  • Burnley
  • Norwich City

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