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  • Predictions and Analysis: Stuttgart vs Mainz Feb 11, 2024

Predictions and Analysis: Stuttgart vs Mainz Feb 11, 2024

Game Preview


Stuttgart vs Mainz Match Preview

Stuttgart will be battling it out against Mainz in a thrilling Bundesliga 1 clash at MHP Arena on Sunday. Mainz secured a 1-1 draw in their recent Bundesliga 1 encounter against Union Berlin, while Stuttgart aims to enhance their performance in their upcoming match, following a 3-2 loss to Bayer Leverkusen in the DFB-Pokal. Check this article for the best Bundesliga Analysis!


Stuttgart Analysis: A small stumble

During their last game, Stuttgart maintained possession of the ball for 44% of the time while taking a total of 11 shots on goal, with 5 of them being on target. Waldemar Anton (11′) and Chris Führich (58′) were the goal scorers for Stuttgart. On the other hand, Bayer Leverkusen managed to take 16 shots on goal, with 6 of them being on target. Robert Andrich (50′), Amine Adli (66′), and Jonathan Tah (90′) were the goal scorers for Bayer Leverkusen.

It was a tough loss for Stuttgart, who was riding a 2 game win streak going into the match. Stuttgart’s offense managed to punish their opponents via set pieces, however sadly Leverkusen edged the win in the last minute of the game.


Mainz Analysis: Bottom of the barrel

In the aforementioned match, Mainz maintained a possession of 45% and made a total of 16 attempts on goal, out of which 8 were on target. The sole scorer for Mainz was Jonathan Burkardt, who found the back of the net at the 45th minute. On the other hand, Union Berlin also had 16 attempts on goal, with 4 of them being on target. Robin Gosens successfully scored for Union Berlin at the 45th minute.

Mainz’s strike force has encountered difficulties in scoring goals in their last 6 matches, managing to score only 2 goals.

Our soccer analysis suggests that Stuttgart is primed to take this one home, mainly thanks to their strong offense.


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Vfb Stuttgart vs 1. FSV Mainz 05 Match Information

    1. Date: 02/11/2024
    2. Time: 09:30 AM ET
    3. Location: MHP Arena (Stuttgart).
    4. How to Watch Stuttgart vs Mainz: TNT
    5. Live Stream:


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