Nathan’s Hotdog Contest: Chestnut to beat personal record

Nathan’s Hotdog Contest: Chestnut to beat personal record

June 23, 2022

Contest Preview


Just like every year, when it comes to Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, two of the most important questions that surround the competition are, will Joey Chestnut be in it, and how many hot dogs will he be able to down this year?

For now, with his current record standing at 76 complete hot dogs, meaning wiener and bun all polished down, fans of the competition are all anxious to know, will Joey Chestnut, aka the GOAT of professional competitive eating be able to beat his own record? With Chestnut you can never rule the idea out, but the odds are not necessarily working in his favor as the possibility of him actually beating the record stands at +170 while the chances of him not passing the 76 glizzy mark stands at -220. Still, the only way to truly know, is just checking out the competition on Independence Day.


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