Nathan’s Hotdog Contest: Chestnut’s Exact Outcome

Nathan’s Hotdog Contest: Chestnut’s Exact Outcome

June 23, 2022


Contest Preview


When you think of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, you automatically think about two things. One being the massive number of hot dogs that are consumed in said competition and two, the also massive amount of hot dogs that professional competitive eating GOAT Joey Chestnut can down in a span of 10 minutes. It’s a given that every year that Chestnut participates in the world’s most famous hot dog eating competition, the odds for him to break his own glizzy eating record is shaken to its roots, making it one of the best bets to wager on when wanting to make some money on Chestnut’s hot dog eating action, but what about betting on the exact number of hot dogs he’ll down?


For the 2022 competition, the odds over at stand at +200 if Chestnut is able to eat between 75 and 76 dogs, while with any other result, the odds stand at -300. Do you think Joey will be able to crack the 75 hot dog barrier once again and maybe even clear his old record to set a new one or will he come up just short of 75? Make sure you check out the myriad of odds for how many dogs the champ Chestnut can eat and get to betting and hopefully winning.


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