Prediction and Analysis: Nickal vs Brundage April 13, 2024

Prediction and Analysis: Nickal vs Brundage April 13, 2024

April 12, 2024


Bo Nickal vs Cody Brundage Fight Preview

UFC 300 prepares for Bo Nickal and Cody Brundage’s thrilling middleweight match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 13. Continue reading this article to find the most in depth martial arts analysis about this coming fight.


Bo Nickal Analysis: Still an undefeated fighter

Bo Nickal is a gifted fighter with an undefeated 5-0-0 record. His formidable combination of striking and grappling skills propels him quickly into the high echelons of the middleweight division. Nickal’s tough fighting style has led to swift and decisive victories, demonstrating both his offensive prowess and his understanding of game strategy. In addition to having a ping accuracy of 62%, he shielded the enemy initiating a battle from 75% of the incoming strikes. However, Nickal excels in falls where the other competitors falter, averaging 11.04 takedowns in 15 minutes and 13.8 submissions in the same time frame. His most recent victory against Woodburn only serves to highlight his superior skill and unstoppable nature.


Cody Brundage Analysis: He has a height advantage

However, Cody Brundage brings a wealth of experience to the table with a 10-5-0 record and longer average bout lengths of 6:11, which allow the audience to witness his courage and tenacity in times of conflict. These figures, when compared, demonstrate that while the fighters’ height and reach are slightly different, they use essentially the same tactics. Due to his height advantage over Brundage and ability to project his blows, Nickal enjoys a slight advantage. However, in these remarkable patterns, the latter retains a 55% accuracy rate. Furthermore, this statistic shows a sharp difference between his striking defense, which is only 43%, and his ground stats, which are good, averaging 2.69 takedowns and a high takedown defense percentage of 73%.
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Bo Nickal vs Cody Brundage Fight Information

  • Date: 04/13/2024
  • Time: 10:05 PM ET
  • Location: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, NV
  • How to Watch Nickal vs Brundage: ESPN+
  • Live Stream: BT


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