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  • Picks & Predictions: Teraji vs Canizales 1/23/2024

Picks & Predictions: Teraji vs Canizales 1/23/2024

Game Preview


Fight Preview


Kenshiro Teraji will face Venezuelan Carlos Canizales again for their fierce clash on January 23 at Osaka, Japan’s EDION Arena Osaka.


As part of his 32nd birthday celebrations, Teraji hopes to secure himself a late present of another defense as undisputed champion and world title fight – his 15th overall. A skilled fighter capable of adapting to any opponent, Teraji boasts 22 wins against 1 defeat with 14 knockouts to his name.


As early as round 10, Masamichi Yabuki of Japan defeated him via TKO to set back his reign briefly, yet quickly rebounded with two consecutive wins by TKO to end that sequence and move onto his second reign as champion. Since then he has not looked back, with three victories coming all by TKO.


Teraji appears to have the upper hand when it comes to keeping his titles, yet Canizales poses no easy test and will take the Osaka showdown seriously. Canizales, who is regarded as one of the most difficult tests to date, stands in front of Teraji for this fight. Nevertheless, Teraji anticipates winning when their battle is over.



Canizales has been fighting professionally for 10 years and boasts 26 victories from 27 fights since his sole loss against Esteban Bermudez in a WBA eliminator fight. He has shown strong footwork and heavy punching power against all opponents he faced – garnering him the reputation as a dangerous comeback threat.


He recently fought Ganigan Lopez and succeeded in knocking him out in four rounds. Following that bout, he outboxed champion Armando Hernandez Torres and won this fight via TKO. In 2016, Carlos and Ryoichi Taguchi fought to a tie for the WBA light flyweight title, which Carlos eventually won versus Reiya Konishi in 2018.


Both fighters have already proven they are on track for greatness, so their main event match-up should delight fans and showcase both fighters’ abilities.


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Kenshiro Teraji vs Carlos Canizales Fight Information

  • Date: 01/23/2024
  • Time: 05:45 AM ET
  • Location: Edion Arena Osaka, Osaka, Japan.
  • How to Watch Teraji vs Canizales : DAZN
  • Live Stream:


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